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Welcome to dc2photography.com, a portal to showcase the photography of Don Crawford. The site is divided into individual "photo sites" dedicated my areas of interest. They being:

Please feel free to explore the site and the photographs Don has provided online for your review and enjoyment.

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  • Shipping Rate Increase May 2015

    To our valued customers.

    Over the past number of years we have been experiencing an increasing cost to ship out photos. We have tried to hold the line on the shipping rates but can no longer absorb the extra costs. Over the past few years it has actually cost us to ship out products. As a result, effective May 1, 2015 the base shipping rate will be $15.00 CDN for Canadian Destinations and $20.00 CDN for US Destinations. Shipping costs will be adjusted accordinly based on quantity and sizes during the check out process. 

    Please note, we have not made any changes to the Download rates which in this digital age are becoming the most economical option to consider.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • General Event Photography Services

    We can provide photographic services for special events suchs as parties, business gatherings, and other events.

    Our fees are:

    Hourly Rate: $100.00/hr (minimum 3hrs)

    Service fees include:

    • Photography Services for scheduled time.
    • Studio processing and preparation of photos for proofing and end use.
    • Uploading to web proofing site for review, slection and purchase of products.
    • Travel of 50 km.

    Services not included in base fee and are extra to service.

    • Photo products, prints, books, albums, digital downloads are available but extra to the service fees and may be ordered online through ecommerce site.
    • Rights Management Licening fees are available but extra to the service fees and may be ordered online through ecommerce site.
    • Travel Charges in excess of a total of 50kms (to and from photo shoot) are extra to the service fee and will be charged out at $0.50 per km total. (eg. total travel is 125km to and from photo shoot. The first 50km are included. The balance of 75km will be charged at $.050/per km totalling $35.00 cost for travel.)

    We do not provide or cover the following:

    • On Site Printing.
    • Wedding Events.

    Contact us to get a quote or schedule our services.

  • Cutting Horse and Equine Photography Services

    We offer flexible and varied services and products.

    Equestrian Event General Coverage

    Subject to our schedule, when arrangements have been made with an event organizer, we will attend local area cutting and equine events to photograph as many participating riders and horses as possible, however, we can not guarantee that every rider will be photographed. Following the event, we will process the images back at our studio and in about 3-5 business days participants may then proof and place their order for photo products from our website.

    If you know of, or are organizing a cutting or equine event that you would like us to attend, please contact us with the event details and contacts so we may make the necessary arrangements.

    Click to contact us for event booking

    Scheduled Farm Shoots

    We can be scheduled to travel to your farm or training facility to photograph you and/or your horses. Following the shoot, we will process the images back at our studio and will notify you when they may be proofed on our website. Additional proofing options such as on site, CD proofs, or printed proofs can be arranged prior to scheduling the shoot an we will be happy to review all available options with you. After you have proofed your photographs, you may place your order from our website, mail order or by telephone.

    Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss our service and we will be happy to provide a proposal for your Farm Shoot.

    Click to contact for a Farm Shoot proposal

  • Custom Sports Poster Products

    In addition to photograph prints, we are now offering customized photo posters. Whether for a single athlete or for an entire team or event, our posters offer a great option to recognize season or personal achievements, event participation, or to recognize the career success.

    At present we offer three standard template types called Photo Border Poster Photo Pride Posters and the Action Poster as well as offer cutomized poster designs.

    We can also produce a customized templates to meet your specific requirements, contact us for information and pricing.

    Please visit our sample gallery to see examples of some of the products we have produced. Gallery of Product Samples

    As each poster is different and requires different levels of work to complete. To order a customized sports or event poster, please contact us and we will be happy to review requirements and selections and provide a quote.


  • Stock Photography and Licencing

    Many of the photographs on our site are available for editorial and commercial stock photography licening. If you see any image you are interested in , please contact us to see if it is available.

    The only restriction to licencing will be with event photographs (eg. Cutting Horse events or Youth Sports) due to privacy issues they are not available for any licencing unless a model releases available or can be obtained.

  • Websites and Blog Design/Hosting

    In addition to photography services, we also offer website design and hosting for websites and blogs. Whether its a personal blog you need setup or a formal commercial site for your business or organization, we can assist in designing, setting up and if need be, hosting your internet web presence.

    Joomla Based Websites:

    We offer installation and development of Joomla CMS (content management system) based websites for business, not for profits and personal projects. Joomla offers a dynamic way of building and maintaining a website. It is an open source system that has a large support community of 100,000’s of users.  With 2.7 percent of the Web running on Joomla, it is used for everything from small personal Websites and blogs to some of the largest enterprise, highest trafficked Websites and Intranets, including those operated by Citibank, eBay, General Electric, Harvard University, Ikea, McDonald's, Sony, many large nations and more. Due to its power and elegance, the most inexperienced user to the most seasoned Web developer can use it.

    We can offer the following services:

    • Web Hosting of Joomla based site.
    • Setup and installation of Joomla core.
    • Setup website (menus, sections, categories, etc)
    • Install and setup templates (GPL, Free Open Source or Commercial product)
    • Content management and site management services.
    • Management and installation of security patches and upgrades.


    We are presently using the Joomlabamboo template club templates as the fo


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